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Hey mate,

Did you know…

There is a common EVERY DAY STATE that most people let block their blessing.

And odds are…

….it is NOT the one you are thinking about!  LET’S DIVE IN!

NOTE:  Often we will extensively study a SINGLE LECTURE…

…here at home for a solid month, just to glean the almost hidden gems. 

Today, we are going to share one of those gems with you we were recently talking about over dinner.  So, Let’s dive into the words of Neville and SPEED UP BIG TIME

“If a man fails to fully impress upon himself the fact that he now has that which heretofore he desired to possess, he will continue to desire it, and therefore he will not be mentally at rest or satisfied.”

“If, on the other hand, he succeeds in making this conscious adjustment so that upon emerging from the period of silence or his subjective six days of work, he knows by his feeling that he has the thing desired, then he automatically enters the Sabbath or the period of mental rest. – Neville Goddard

Notice the three major power points in today’s How To Feel It Real lesson: If there is something you want in this world, you must fully impress on yourself the FACT that you now have what you have previously desired. (This is why we teach as Neville did, NEVER put a date on something you “want” – that keeps it a want.) You can do this NOW by making an adjustment in your consciousness. (See FROM that state. How would you see the world – what would you see in the world – if that were now true?) And you will know you have done this – when you are mentally at rest – in the state of the Sabbath. (One of the universal Feelings of Fulfilment is rest or relief. Do you remember what the other universal Feeling of Fulfilment is?)

Notice how these three steps  identify STILL WANTING as a major block to your FEEL IT REAL success.


MOVE from there into the STATE of YOUR WISH FULFILLED – already – and simply rest in confidence that since it is real in your imagination (the one true reality) that it will be objectified.

Keep the Sabbath!

“The Sabbath is only the mystical sense of stillness, when you are unconcerned, when you are not anxious, when you are not looking for results, knowing that signs follow and do not precede. The Sabbath is the day of stillness wherein there is no working.”

“When you are not working to make it so you are in the Sabbath. When you are not at all concerned about the opinion of others, when you walk as though you were, you cannot raise one finger to make it so, you are in the Sabbath.”

“I cannot be concerned as to how it will be, and still say I am conscious of being it. If I am conscious of being free, secure, healthy, and happy, I sustain these states of consciousness without effort or labor on my part. Therefore, I am in the Sabbath; and because it was the Sabbath he rose and walked.” – Neville Goddard



So today, eliminate want as you go into your session by RESTING into the State Akin to Sleep.

Then eliminate want in your session by SEEING THROUGH your own eyes – as if your wish has been fulfilled.

And then walk – rest – sleep KNOWING it is done – and you will be reacting to the world as that man who has had their wish fulfilled.

Many blessings mate, Mr Twenty Twenty and Victoria

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Enjoy and be blessed!

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