This Low-Carb Spin on Potato Salad Isn’t Made With Potatoes

If you’re trying to cut down on carbs and calories, but you’re obsessed with potato salad, this 121-calorie recipe is a must make. Instead of potatoes, this creamy dish is made with steamed cauliflower — seriously, is there anything this veggie can’t do?! Instead of mayo, this “potato” salad is made with almond yogurt so it’s vegan and has no saturated fat or cholesterol. Naturally flavored with red wine vinegar, fresh dill, and lemon juice, this creamy, tangy salad tastes amazing. You’ll love the soft texture of the cauliflower coupled with the crunchy celery and red onion. It’s the perfect side dish to make for your next barbecue — everyone will be asking for the recipe! 40585823

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