The Best Protein Powders for Women


The Best Protein Powders for Women

For people hoping to lose weight, add body mass or enhance their athletic proficiency Protein powder is just the immediate option. Though men also patronize protein powder, most protein powder is targeted towards women.

In the market today, there are varieties of protein powder available that women often get confused about making the right choice to satisfy their needs.

Some of the best protein powder will be listed in the next paragraph and hint about how to get a good one.

  • Whey Protein:

This is one of the best and most recognized protein powders in the market. All the nine essential amino acids are available in whey protein that is why it is labeled as the whole source of protein. The whey protein supplement has so many health benefits including boosting muscle growth, reduce hunger and supports weight loss. It also subdues ghrelin, a hormone in the body that fuels hunger, and this is the reason it is so effective in weight loss and suppressing hunger.

In women, it helps to increase and sustain lean muscle mass. It gives boosts energy. Consuming 56grams of whey protein can help to shed off 5 pounds than some other kinds of protein powder. It is made from milk so vegans are not advised to use whey protein so as not to be faced with unnecessary allergies. This is a choice protein powder for athletes.

  • Collagen:

This protein powder is extracted from bones and skins of animals including pigs and cows or can be gotten from fish skin and scales. Although this is a new protein powder in the market, its importance cannot be looked down on. It has so many health benefits including reducing wrinkle depth, relief to joint pains and support muscle strength.

The protein powder can be easily absorbed by the body because the powder is hydrolyzed. Collagen is exclusively good for women because it increases their ingestion of essential nutrients. It is very good for older people and athletes.

It is very convenient to prepare, with either cold or hot water. Collagen peptides present in this powder helps to prevent sagging skin, skin dryness, prevents wrinkle and it improves general skin health.

  • Pea Protein:

This is a common protein powder for vegans. Pea protein is also the best choice for people experiencing food allergies because of the presence of hypoallergenic. It is derived from dried, ground yellow peas. Pea protein powder is rich in essential amino acids like leucine, valine, and isoleucine which play a very essential role in muscle protein synthesis. These amino acids are also known as branched chain amino acids.

When combined with resistance training it helps to increase the bicep muscle thickness than some protein powder. In women, it aids to boost their metabolism and loss weight too. Again, it helps to reduce the feeling of hunger.

  • Egg White Protein Powder:

This is a popular supplement used to improve protein ingestion. Eating egg white is very well profitable to the body because it is a source of pure protein. Egg white protein powder is also a good source of branched-chain amino acids and helps grow the muscles. It is good for vegans, safe for individuals with food allergies and it is easily absorbed by the body.

Egg white protein powder is a good option for women with diabetes or prediabetes because it has low carbs which are not so in other brands of protein powder. It has a lovely taste and can be mixed with shakes, baked products, and smoothies.

  • Brown Rice Protein Powder:

This powder is good for women aspiring to increase their muscle mass and add up their vitality. Though this is not a full source of protein like other types of protein powder, it is beneficial to the body health. It is great for vegans and individuals that are allergic to some foods. The protein is easily absorbed by the body, also great for body composition and enhancing physical activities. Brown rice protein powder is more effective in some individuals than whey protein powder.

  • Hemp Protein Powder:

This is gotten from the seeds of the hemp plant. Hemp protein is a plant-based source of protein, also contains omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 fatty acids in a good proportion. The hemp protein powder has a lot of health benefit. Though it is family to marijuana, it does not have any psychoactive properties like found in marijuana. It is suitable for women who engage in diet rich omega-3 fatty acids.

Moreover, this protein powder is very expensive but the value is equal to its price. It has a huge amount of healthy fats, magnesium, iron, potassium, and fiber. Some of the vital benefits of consuming hemp protein powder include reducing the risk of heart disease, depression etc.

How to Choose a Good Protein Powder

Depending on individuals’ choice, and dietary preferences, a good choice can be made from the list of best available protein powders. Many protein powders out there in the market are with some components that are not safe for the body health. Hence, it is lovely to know what ingredients to avoid when buying protein powder.

Type of Protein: plant-based protein is a general classification. In case you’re searching for a particular sort of protein, or in case you’re hoping to evade a particular kind that ought to be the main consideration in your choice. Make sure your Diet lacks protein before opting out for a protein powder. It is better one eats protein-rich whole foods

Look out for Brands with Limited Ingredients: Protein powders with lesser ingredients are the loveliest choice for anyone. Most products are having a huge quantity of artificial coloring and preservatives, plus other chemicals. Most advice is to stay with brands that have just one ingredient.

Brand Notoriety: There are huge amounts of organizations making ground-breaking plant-based protein powders, yet they are not all made equal. By and large, running with more settled and legitimate organizations is your best wager. In the event that you shop somewhere else, know about the organization you’re purchasing from and their notoriety.

Don’t Buy Products That Are High In Sugar: In this case, the best thing to do is to get brands that use natural sweetener or look for products under 4g of sugar. Protein powders are flavored, despite the fact that a couple is offered unflavored. It’s hard to pick the best tasting plant protein powder without really attempting them for yourself; however, what you can do is pick a flavor that you think you’ll like. Furthermore, not just that endeavor to pick one that can be adaptable. For instance, a vanilla flavored powder could be blended in a shake with a natural product, though a chocolate flavor would not run too with numerous organic products.

Plant-Base Protein

This is most specific to vegans, but there are reasons why it is better to make this a choice. They are fast in building muscles and are less harsh to the gut. Here are plant-based proteins that are good for women.

  • Orgain Organic Protein,

  • Ora USDA Organic Protein Powder,

  • PlantFusion Protein

  • Vega Protein and Greens

  • Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein

All these mentions above are plant-based protein and very very beneficial to the health. Though most of them are pricey the health value is equal to the price. These products can be gotten online or at the local store.

How to Make Proper Use of Protein

Protein powder can be used in several ways. Busy women find this very useful because it can be used as a snack, mixed with milk or water. It can be added to smoothies, used to recover lost energy as in case of a rigorous exercise or extensive workout. Protein powder can be taken with fruits in case of weight loss.

There are many other ways that one can choose to use protein powder. Here are some fast tips on how protein powder can be used daily.

  • It can be used for baking bread, added to pancakes, mixed with yogurt, pap or oatmeal, etc.

  • Reasons Why High Protein Diet Boost Weight Loss

  • It reduces appetite and craving to eat even at night.

  • It helps to reduce calorie intake and boosts the rate of calorie burn in the body.

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