Dual Bottle V2 Daily Water Tracker Bottle

Make sure you drink enough H2O every day with the Dual Bottle V2 Daily Water Tracker Bottle. Offering a 2.2-liter capacity, this reusable bottle holds all the water you need for the day. Whether you’re using it at home, the office or the gym, the Dual Bottle V2 increases your daily productivity by allowing you to focus on the task at hand. Patented in Europe, the water bottle is extremely durable. It features a stable base and a leakproof cap, enabling you to use it with confidence anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the Dual Bottle V2 has an accompanying app, where you can track and log your water consumption. The app also helps you monitor your progress over time and find free locations to refill your water bottle. Finally, the Dual Bottle V2 is available in five colors.

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